Episode 201 – Keeping Clients Happy, Portrait Sales Strategy, Interview with Chris & Adrienne Scott

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We’re back! After a temporary “summer break” we are back and better than ever with Season 2! We start this season with some big announcements, new segments, and a great interview. How far is too far when bending over backwards for your clients? We discuss the pros and cons of having boundaries in your business. After that, we have a great interview with Chris & Adrienne Scott where we discuss perfecting your portrait sales.

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3 Comments on "Episode 201 – Keeping Clients Happy, Portrait Sales Strategy, Interview with Chris & Adrienne Scott"

  1. Hailey Rahm says:

    This was my first time listening to your podcast and I am so appreciative of your time and willingness and passion to help out others. This podcast was so helpful to me. I am moving my business from Seattle, Wa to Nashville, TN and am a bit nervous to kinda “start over” again. I lived in Honduras for a year recently and returned for the birth of my daughter in March. After a few months i was ready to get back into the photography world and am so happy to be back, but after being “out” for over a year, I am kinda at a loss as to how to get back into it….I know it takes some time, but I am hoping it gets going quickly as my family and I are going into a new season of relying more on my photography income. Do you have advice on how to get my name out there, without sounding or coming off desperate?

    Thanks again guys!

  2. Al Hughes says:

    Hi Phil and Mindy,
    Just listened to your last podcast done in August. Great show as usual. Good to hear Mindy’s voice join in again but missed the wry humor Jamie adds to the mix. And Phil, you’re the backbeat of the show. The anchor. If you had been a musician you would likely be a drummer. The content was enough to make up for it though. I always learn something from you which is why I keep coming back. Great interview with Chris and Adrienne Scott too. Thanks for bringing it to your listeners. Looking forward to your next podcast.

    Al Hughes,
    Windsor, Ontario

  3. Dan Baillie says:

    Hi guys, I enjoyed the podcasts no end, absolutely brilliant……don’t tell me that you are not going to do any more though? I know that you will all be super busy but this was the best photography podcast ever!


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