Episode 117 – Difficult Reception Lighting, Polaroid 600SE Review and Listener Questions

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In this episode we talk about some challenging lighting situations and how we might handle them. After that, Jamie reviews his new Polaroid Pro 600SE. We also take some listener questions including or very first call in question!

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Polaroid 600SE Info

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5 Comments on "Episode 117 – Difficult Reception Lighting, Polaroid 600SE Review and Listener Questions"

  1. How do you submit a photo to your weekly photo challenge?

    Love the show.

  2. Hi guys,
    Don’t forget the humble L bracket when the light is grim.
    With a big diffuser and a syn cord you get a bit of shape to the light and you can’t help calling yourself Scoop.
    Goes through the batteries, especially with a diffuser, but I always have one in the bag and my $10 ancient metal bracket has got me out of some pickle over the years.
    In fact I bought it years ago to use with an old Sunpak.
    Often gets a smile from subjects as well.

  3. And of course I misspelled my web address.
    After finally learning how to spell my name I get photography wrong.

  4. Chicago John says:

    I’m a recent subscriber and very much enjoy your episodes. I was interested in your suggestion regarding use of rear shutter flash to freeze action yet allowing capture of ambient light in extended exposure time. I’ve used this technique without selecting rear shutter activation, and it seems to work much as you indicated. Does selecting rear shutter activation offer any advantages?

    • admin says:

      It just ensures that there is less blurring ONTOP of your frozen subject. The other way works as well just not as clearly if you have light trails and the like…

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