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Episode 109 – Holiday Special with Christa Meola

boudoir photography podcast

This week is our Happy Holidays episode with special guest, Christa Meola, a Boudoir photographer extraordinaire!  Based in NYC, she runs an extremely successful boudoir business that focuses on the fine art of boudoir. She gives great tips on how to start your budoir business, dealing with female clients & sales. Even if you are not interested in photographing boudoir, we guarantee you will walk away with some great info on shooting more artistically, dealing with clients & sales (which we all can use!). We will return with brand new shows the week of January 10th. Hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday season.  See you in 2012!

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Christa Meola – don’t forget to check out her Online Boudoir Workshop beginning January 2nd!

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Episode 108 – Justin & Mary Marantz, Flash battery packs, Going Pro Part 3, and Shooting After Dark

photography podcast episode 108

In this weeks episode we review our inexpensive flash battery packs. We also move on to part 3 of our Going Pro series which covers networking and portfolio building. After that we discuss some tips and techniques for night shooting. Our special guests this week are Justin and Mary Marantz. Join us at the end of this show for a great discussion with them on being Authentic.

Show Links:
Jeff Newsom –
Shawn Reeder

Justin & Mary Marantz Blog – be sure to follow these guys if you aren’t already, you won’t regret it!

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Virtu – Elixir (via Vacay Wave)
Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Remix) (via TheWorldForgot)

Episode 107 – Dave Cox & Wil Wells, Going Pro Part 2, Rear Curtain Sync and iPhone Apps

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This week we have Matt Dudley, founder of The Skillery, joining us as our third wheel. We talk about our favorite mobile apps, explore the second curtain sync technique, and move on to part 2 of our Going Pro series. After the break we have a great interview with Dave Cox and Wil Wells from Elevendy where we talk about being awesome.

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Google+ App

Dave Cox on Google+
Wil Wells on Google+

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Tommy Noble – Rock Wit U (Remix) (via SoundCloud)

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